Step Into City

StepIntoCity was a startup that began with self-seed funding. The application had been developed, but the company had to close its business. I attempted to retrieve all the screens I had designed for the application, but the effort was not entirely successful, and I could only obtain the following screens. The greatest UX challenge was designing the triple communication screen, which involved making calls among three participants and automatically recording and transcribing them as a key feature of the application.


Provide an AI-driven chatbot and facilitate three-way communication with human assistance, offering functions such as interpretation, real-time information and knowledge, and emotional human touch. This aims to address the issues faced by city visitors and guide them through their predictable or inevitable travel experiences in major cities like New York.


iOS & Android application


MVP feature definement
MVP UX/UX design
Web UI/UX design

Approach to Problem Solving

Designing intuitive UI/UX for triple communication.

Approach to Solving

As a real-time interpretation application, users typically don't anticipate engaging in phone calls with two different people simultaneously. The key challenges I addressed were: 1) informing users and setting their expectations for triple communication in real-time, and 2) guiding users through the process of initiating triple communication.


The most direct UI/UX solution for triple interaction involves displaying all three participants in a triangle formation, with clear indicators of action on each visual element representing the participants.

To anticipate users' next actions, the most effective method is to provide tooltips following appropriate user flows. Despite technical challenges in tracking user actions and ensuring proper next steps, which were initially deemed unimportant by the engineering team, two rounds of user testing revealed persistent failures to progress to the next step. As a result, tracking logic and dynamic tooltips were integrated into the interface.

Mobile Application Screenshots

Home Screen
Main Screen
From this page, users can make real-time calls to an interpreter, or choose to utilize image-to-text or text-to-text translation services
Immediate Translation Screen
Users can obtain translations based on their input on this screen
Image-to-text Translation Screen
Users can take pictures if they want to translate text on objects. The app utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and users can also specify which part of the text on the image needs to be translated
Notification Screen
National-wise warnings, such as extreme weather situations, are translated into the user's language and displayed on this screen
Ask Help Screen
Users submit their request that they feel they need a interpretation or translation service .
Setting Screen
Bilingual users are able to set their first language to use the application with their native languages, also they can set second language that they need help from the service.
Menu Screen
Bilingual users have the opportunity to become City Mates and work as interpreters, allowing them to earn income. Through the Offline Help feature, users can request in-person meetings with City Mates to receive assistance
User Flow

In the early stages of product development, there are instances where the product flow combines UX and user flow. Designers and developers begin to comprehend the product itself through the use of product flow diagrams. I have created numerous product flows prior to UX flow and designing the UX/UI. Presented below are a few examples, emphasizing that without a comprehensive understanding of the product, creating the best UX is unattainable.

Two User Categories and Interaction

Real Step Flow - 0.2

Two User Categories and Interaction

Real Step Flow

FTUE Design & Flow

User Flow - First Class - 0.1

Users Flow

User Flow - FTUE - 0.1
Wire Frame & Site Map

The wireframe is an essential step that needs to be completed before any UI/UX design. While it may not solely fall within the realm of UX designers, cross-functional team members can still contribute to its creation or collaborate on it. Without a wireframe, there is a lack of consensus among business, product, marketing, and development teams..

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